Set on almost two acres of gently sloping grounds this garden is located one mile from Historic Fort Frederick on Morne Jaloux ridge. The family home which was built in the early 1950’s divides the garden into two, an “old’ and “new” garden. Started in the late 1950’s by Cynthia “Smithy” McIntyre this garden has developed over the years and seen extensive planting after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Smithy’s Garden has been featured by the BBC. Click here to view the video.

Today Smithy’s has an almost wild feel and there is a wide variety of plants to see – there is an abundance of flowers and foliage as well as an orchard of fruit trees. Some of the anthurium lilies are Smithy’s own pollination and her daughter Anne has added a wide selection of orchids to the garden. At different time of the year the garden produces mouthwatering pineapples, plums and mangoes as well as breadfruit and seasonings. The garden is self-supporting, providing all the foliage, orchids and the majority of blooms used by Anne and her daughter Claire for their floral creations (Anne’s Florals). Tours of the garden can be booked through Caribbean Horizons or by contacting Anne directly.
Tel: 1 473 444 1555

Visitors will find that both Anne as well as Head Gardener Edwin give and interesting tour of the garden laced with insights into the day to day care of growing rainforest as well as deciduous plants in a tropical climate and on an island where water shortages as well as hurricanes are just some of a gardener’s recurrent nightmares. Guests can look forward to refreshments on the veranda after the tour.