Smithy’s welcomed

Individual Holidays Garden Tour at Smithy’s

Individual Holidays Garden Group 2012. The group was accompanied by Suzanne Gaywood, Grenada‚Äôs designer for Chelsea. Anne Campbell, the owner of Smithy’s, showed the group and members of the Horticultural Society of Grenada and Trinidad around, afterwards they all relaxed and chatted during a Grenadian Breakfast.

Anne Campbell is a Chelsea arranger and her orchids were used at the Chelsea exhibition.

Fruit and juice from the garden:
Coconut water + jelly, sorrell and passion fruit juice, tea and coffee.
Banana, mango, golden apple, mandarins, pomme granit, watermelon, pawpaw, passion fruit, grapefruit, and orange.
And salt fish souse, scrambled eggs, black pudding, johnny bakes, toast, plum jam and cheese.

Farewell Kim!

Kim Henry Farewell

Kim Henry Farewell

The flowers in this picture have been arranged by Tony, a family friend and member of the Trinidad Horticultural Society. The flowers are from the family farm ‘Balthazar Estate’, the arrangement was done as a tribute to Kim Henry, a Chelsea Team Member. Kim passed away just recently, far too young, she will be missed greatly!

Individual Holidays

The first group of Individual Holidays Garden Tours 2012 has arrived in Grenada.
On Monday 26th November, Smithy’s Garden welcomes the group accompanied by Grenada’s Chelsea designer Suzanne Gaywood to an early morning garden tour with the added attraction of the group sharing a Grenadian breakfast with Trinidadian judges and VP Elen Radix from the Horticultural Society of Grenada’s Flower and Garden Show. Early morning bird calls will add to the rich experience of tastes, sounds, smell and colours!
Pictures below show the group setting out to visit Hyde Park Garden to enjoy some sunset drinks with the owners. Afterwards the group will head up to Gouyave for the famous Fish Friday!

Individual Holidays Group

Individual Holidays Garden Tours

Individual Holidays Garden Tours

Individual Holidays Garden Tours

Smithy’s Garden is Getting Ready

Treasures of the Garden

Treasures of the Garden

Kayla fully concentrated at work!

Kayla fully concentrated at work!

for the ‘Treasures of Garden’, a great home & garden flower show.

This weekend the Horticultural Society of Grenada has organised this great show and this year

Kayla Campbell

will represent Smithy’s Garden! We wish her all the best and good luck! She is already full at work!

Opening Hours

24th November, 10.30am – 6pm

25th November, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Place: Convention Center, Grenada Grand Beach Hotel, Grand Anse

Watch a video from our garden:

Grenada’s Orchids

A team from the Orchid Circle went to Trinidad to showcase the work of our Circle at the Annual Orchid Show which took place on Saturday October 13th and Sunday October 14th 2012 at the National Academy of Performing Arts “Hotel Lobby”.
The results are as follows:
Our exhibit was entered as an arrangement and got FIRST PRIZE.
Hillary did a corsage and got FIRST PRIZE.
An Arachnis spray sent by Marilyn got THIRD PRIZE.
A Cattleya spray sent by Cecile got THIRD PRIZE.
Well done and congratulations to the team.
Smithy’s orchids have been used for the display!

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